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Sierra Tires (Tyres, Ilantas) is one of brands offered by Staridge Inc

Sierra Tires – Built for Every Challenge

Sierra Tire is one of the replacement tire products manufactured and registered by Staridge Inc. (BOE Beijing). The Sierra lineup offers the kind of high-quality commercial truck tires (TBR) and light truck tires (LTR) that drivers need to take on the open road with total confidence.
​         Built with advanced technology and durable materials, our ever-increasing selection of steer, drive,  all-position, trailer and mixed-service commercial truck tires (TBR) of over 20 tread patterns are designed for regional, long-haul and on/off-road applications.

         If you are an avid off roader, or need tires for your light truck or SUV,or a set of sport truck tires to add that style you are looking for, or good all-terrain, mud tires, we also have your tires.

        Plus, every tire is backed by a comprehensive warranty for extra peace of mind.

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